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Saturday, December 29, 2018
Kitchen Happenings for January
Mondays: BLT or Fried Bologna Sandwich
Tuesdays: (except 01/01) Mexican Menu
Wednesdays: Seafood Day
Thursdays: 3rd Meatloaf
10th Soup
17th Parmesan Chicken
24th Meatloaf
31st Soup
Fridays: Surprise Menu


4th --- Lasagna
11th –-Pot Roast
18th --- Baby Back Ribs
25th – Fried Chicken
Delicious just like Mom used to make
Come join us for a great meal. Friday night fabulous steaks and our regular dinner menu available, also our Fresh Salad Bar on Friday nights.

--------Saturday Night Menu’s--------
01/05 Breakfast for Dinner by WOTM
01/12 Seafood Saturday 5:00
01/19 Pork Loin by Fellowship
01/26 Pork Chop Dinner by Moose Legion

Sunday Brunch:
January 27th 10:00-1:00

SATURDAY daytime special BURGERS



Pork, Sauerkraut, Beans, Mashed Potatoes +
Collard Greens
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Dear Members,

Happy New Years to all!!

I guess we were lucky last month that the temperatures were not below freezing with all the rain we got. We would still be shoveling our way out. Please always call the lodge before coming to the lodge when we do have snow to check if we are open. Also, if you haven't yet joined our texting service so you can get up to the minute information, please do so. You will get messages about what's going on that day. Such as that day's food special or Saturday night entertainment and Social Quarters hours in case of inclement weather. This is a great way to stay in-formed on what's happening at the Moose. It’s easy to sign up, text moose583 to 474747. Then you will be added to the list.
We had a really good December. The Christmas Party was outstanding. Thank you, Mona and all the Bartenders who worked, very hard so that we all could have a wonderful time. Also, thanks to the members who brought in food for all to en-joy. It makes me very proud of our Members. You are the best!! Then on the day after the Christmas party the WOTM hosted Breakfast with Santa. The children enjoyed their breakfast and then you should have seen their faces when Santa came in with gifts for all. As always the
ladies did an wonderful job hosting this event.

I know a lot of us will be making New Year's resolutions very soon. I ask that you all make at least one resolution to keep up your obligation of being a Member. That is to Strengthen and Maintain our Defending Circle by sponsoring a new or former member. Also stay in touch with the members that you sponsored in the past and make sure that they stay in good standings by paying their dues. This would help your lodge tremendously.
The Governor and I along with other Officers will be attending the Mid-Year Conference this month. I'll report back to the Members of any new information in February. Also, don't forget to come to the lodge this month on Sundays so you can get your name in for the cash drawing during the Super Bowl. All you have to do is watch at least two quarters of any game to get in on the action. It doesn't cost anything, but you could win some big money!!

Please sponsor a new or former member today!

Until next month
Kenny Head
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